4-Course Tasting Menu 55,50€

Fresh cheese ravioli in onion stock
with roasted peppers (11,50€)


Pickled Char
with preserved tomatoes (12,50€)


Deer Back
with boiled semolina Porcini strudel, red cabbage cream, and red Elderflower (34,50€)


Quark Poppy dumpling
with apricot and sour cream ice cream (8,50€)

Baked Bergkäse-Speck balls
on cucumber cream salad
    € 8,50
Beef Carpaccio
with Parmesan 
    € 13,50
Arugula salad
with semolina dumplings and red beets
    € 9,50
Home smoked Speck plate
with homemade farmer bread and butter
    € 5,50


Main Courses

Porcini risotto
with apple and thyme
    € 14,90
Chicken legs

    € 18,00
Roasted beef ribs
with carrots, potato bergkäse cream, and black garlic 
    € 25,50
Fried Char
with red beet risotto, cream, and horseradish 
    € 19,50
‘chocolate and raspberry’     € 8,90