4-Course Tasting Menu 47,50€


Char, lightly cured (12,50€)

with forest berries and spruce


Stinging nettle ‘ravioli’  (11,00€)

with asparagus and preserved egg yolk


Organic chicken legs  (19,50€)

with celery root and red mountain elderflower


Forest berry sorbet  (9,00)

with pine-caramel, almonds, and almond foam

Marinated Watermelon
with sheep cheese and sesame
    € 9,00
Asparagus soup
with horseradish leaf oil and croutons  
    € 6,50
Beefsteak Tomato
with grilled hearts of lettuce, cured onions and croutons
    € 9,50


Main Courses

Veal back
with lemon salt risotto and grassy herbs
    € 29,50
Beef filet tips
in cream sauce with green asparagus and semolina dumplings
    € 29,50
Filet of Char
with creamy kohlrabi and fregola  
    € 21,50


Woodruff creme brulee
with strawberry sorbet
    € 8,50