4-Course Tasting Menu 45,50€


Tomato Peach Salad (7,50€)
with sheep cheese and bread chips


Chanterelle Ravioli (10,90€)
with onion


Roasted beef cheeks  (29,50€)
with Fregola, Porcini, and wild herbs


Pine caramel (9,00€)
with wild blueberry sorbet and hazelnut foam 

Beef Carpaccio 
with lovage mayonnaise and Chanterelles 
    € 12,50
Spicy Chicken Soup
with homemade pasta and vegetables
    € 6,90

Homemade pasta
with roasted Chanterelles 

    € 11,50
Potato soup
with roasted Chanterelles 
    € 6,50


Main Courses

Chanterelle Roastbraten
with homemade noodles 
    € 26,50
Organic chicken breast 
with creamy sage polenta and corn
    € 19,00
Filet of Char from Leogang
with parsley gnocchi, Chanterelles, and bell pepper
    € 21,50


with Tonka bean ice cream 
    € 9,00