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Culinary pleasures.

traditional, genuine, exquisite, intense.....Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Regional authenticity and products are very important to our restaurant.  We care about the origin of our food and treat it with great care. Our kitchen is a mixture of authentic traditional Austrian cuisine and newly interpreted delights. The main focus is always on the taste of the original product, not masking the essence with excessive ingredients. We strive to keep our dishes consciously simple, exhibiting delicious harmony through refinement and fine seasoning.

homemade, regional, seasonal, down to earth

The Weyerhof produces spruce and elderflower syrup, smokes its own bacon, and bakes its own bread, cakes, and sweets on the premises. We use fresh herbs from our garden, milk from a neighboring farmer, and get our meats from either high quality sources in the Pinzgau or venison from our own hunting grounds.

Traditional and Contemporary

With respect for authenticity, the restaurant still prepares the classic farmers dishes eaten by the residents of the past as well as traditional recipes passed down from our grandmother.  This honest, straightforward, and delicious cuisine is the source for our chef Franz Meilinger’s interpretations and creations.

Our historic dining rooms host up to approximately 60 people.

Reservations are recommended!

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