While the Meilinger family is at the heart of the operation, we would be nothing without our great team. A heartfelt thanks to our excellent staff!


Elisabeth Meilinger sen.
Wirtin aus Leidenschaft, Dekoration, Garten, Organisation, Gästebetreuung

Franz Meilinger
Eigentümer, Küchenchef, Organisation

Lio Lautenbacher
 Rezeption, Zimmerreservierungen, Gästebetreuung

Franz Meilinger sen.
Baggerfahrer, der Mann für alle Fälle, Opa aus Leidenschaft

Elisabeth Meilinger jun.
 Interior Design, Corporate Identity, Service, Rezeption, Dekoration, Gästebetreuung, Zimmerreservierungen

Christopher Matule
Hausmeister, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Gärtner, Social Media, Webpage, Bar

Andreas Stotter
 Sous Chef / Küchenchef


Thomas Egger

Celin Egger

Mirko Zrilić

Sabahnur Yildim


Severin Unterweger

Restaurantleiter, Sommelier 

 Rosi Antic
Service, Housekeeping, Frühstücksservice
Inge Unterweger
Frühstücksservice, Service 

 Maximilian  Quraishi

Helga Wimmer
Frühstücksservice, Housekeeping, Reinigungskraft

Mònika Nagy

Mirna Zrilić


    With a unique view of the Habach glacier, the Weyerhof is located at the entrance of Europe’s only natural emerald deposits, the Habachtals and is first recorded as existing as early as 1130.

    In 1662 The Weyerhof was already functioning as an inn. During the second half of the 17th century, the property became a lavish manor. On the first floor were two luxurious rooms, in which the Bishops of Chiemsee stayed when they came to the Oberpinzgau for hunting. Both of these rooms were elegantly paneled and contained precious furniture from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Unfortunately, these precious objects fell victim to a fire in 1940.

    The surrounding buildings of the estate were used as farms and stables for the many animals. The Weyer ruin, which stands tall above the property, was a former watchtower.  It is one of the remaining examples of small castles in the Pinzgau. The Weyerhof has been family-owned since 1832. Still today the Meilinger family accommodates and pampers our guests while valuing tradition and authenticity. It is important to us to meet today’s requirements, but not without paying attention to the history and the age of the building.





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