With a unique view of the Habach glacier, the Weyerhof is located at the entrance of Europe’s only natural emerald deposits, the Habachtals.

For almost 900 years the Weyerhof has sat in the stunning beauty of the Salzach valley, well protected by a large rock wall.  The earliest documented reference to the Weyerhof dates all the way back to 1130, making it one of the oldest estates of the region.  Above the house towers the Weyerruine, a former defensive structure that reminds us of the typical estates of the Pinzgau’s former times.  The surrounding buildings once served as work spaces, storage rooms, and stalls for the many animals of the Weyerhof.  The main residence and working farm below, the Weyerhof, was mentioned as a tavern as early as 1662.


In the second half of the 17th century the Weyerhof underwent significant upgrades, propelling it into a new elegance that would attract such nobility as the Bishops of Chiemsee. The magnificently decorated rooms of the first floor, or ‘‘Fürstenzimmer’,  would often serve as sleeping quarters for the Bishops on their hunting trips to Upper Pinzgau.  Both Fürstenzimmer featured handcrafted wood paneling and ceramic fireplace ovens as well as precious Renaissance and Baroque furniture.  The fireplace ovens and artistic wood carvings from 1772 were revered as true masterpieces of handcrafts and pottery.

On December 22, 1940 the Fürstenzimmer and other treasures were lost to a catastrophic fire caused by a defective chimney.  To make matters worse, the fire hoses had to be pulled apart due to an approaching train.  It wasn’t long before the hoses froze and were rendered useless.  Not more than a burned out frame was left of the once magnificent house.  Fortunately, the Weyerhof’s former style was preserved through careful renovation in the following years.



Still today we enjoy accommodating and satisfying our guests at the Weyerhof. As a small family owned business full of tradition and authenticity, it is important to us to carefully proceed with any renovations, thus allowing modernism into our home while maintaining a  respect for the age and history of the building.


Through centuries of conversations, parties, and events, the residents and guests of the Weyerhof’s past have created a special environment for both our current customers and ourselves.  Come see for yourself!





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