4- Gänge Menü 49,50€


House smoked Arctic Char (13,00€)
with pickles, bread chips, and lemon salt


Mushroom ravioli (13,00€)
with celery root and pears

Roasted veal “rib-eye”  (24,50€)   
with gnocchi, pumpkin, lovage, and roasted peppers
Chocolate Creme Brûlée (9,00€)
with strawberry ice cream

Speck Plate
with homemade Weyerhof bread and butter
Beef Consommé
with thyme ravioli
Potato soup
with leeks, speck, and marjoram
Beef carpaccio
with mustard mayonnaise and roasted pepper 


Porcini risotto 
with marinated Brussels Sprouts and wild cranberry 
    appetizer €11,50
main course  €17,50
Filet of Arctic Char from Leogang 
with tomato risotto and almonds 
Deer schnitzel cooked pink
with semolina dumplings, celery root and apple 
Deer ragout
with red cabbage and Spätzle 
Fried chicken salad
fried chicken with potatoes, salad, and pumpkin seed oil
Apricot Dumpling
with cinnamon ice cream