4 Gänge Degustations Menü 54,00 €

 Asparagus salad (13,50€)
with egg vinaigrette and mit Eiervinaigrette & watercress


Wild garlic soup (7,90€)
with croutons


Boneless, crispy organic chicken legs (23,50€)
with parsley root and radishes  


Strawberry Custard Dumpling  (12,50€)
re-imagined, with sour cream – lime ice cream 


with herb mayo and roasted red peppers 
Asparagus Soup
with croutons and tomatoes 

Lukewarm Pork Belly 
with bug beans, horseradish, and baby spinach

House smoked Organic Pork Speck
with butter and homemade Weyerhof bread 
Deer Butter Schnitzel 
with cream cabbage, celery root puree, and pickled Chantarelles      

Roasted Shoulder of Pinzgau Bull
with potato, asparagus, and dill 


Homemade pasta

with asparagus and Parmesan 
with cubed beef filet, asparagus, and Parmesan 




Local Char, gently cooked 
with potatoes, wild garlic, and roasted shallots  

„Rhubarb Tarte“
with hazelnuts, mit Haselnuss, meringue, & home made Rhubarb Sorbet