4- Gänge Menü 49,50€


House smoked Arctic Char (13,00€)
with pickles, bread chips, and lemon salt


Ravioli (13,00€)
filled with ragout of young goat and local cheese


Organic veal cutlet (21,50€)
with Porcini cream sauce, rice, and peas 


Chocolate Creme Brûlée (9,00€)
with strawberry ice cream

Speck Plate
with homemade Weyerhof bread and butter
Deer consommé   
with Porcini and pear ravioli 
Bergkäse (local cheese) soup
with dark bread croutons 
Beef carpaccio
with mustard mayonnaise and roasted pepper 


Porcini risotto 
with marinated Brussels Sprouts and wild cranberry 
    appetizer €11,50
main course  €17,50
Filet of Arctic Char from Leogang 
with tomato risotto and almonds 
Glazed pork belly
with barley, herbs, and peanuts
Deer ragout 
with spätzle and red cabbage
Beef filet tips
with homemade pasta, bell pepper cream, and lovage 
Nougat Dumpling
with nut crumbles and wild blueberry ice cream