4 Course Tasting Menu 55,90


Char Tatare (13,50€)
with Cucumber, cream, and lemon

Deer Consomme (8,50€)
with thyme-semolina dumpling and vegetables 
Young Deer Osso Bucco 
with pumpkin puree and kale
Choux Pastry Donut (12,50€)
Vanille cream, chocolate sauce, and orange sorbet 


Cauliflower Cream Soup
with smoked pork loin 
Roasted Red Beets
with ricotta, hazelnuts, and bread chips 
Grilled Broccoli
with sheep cheese, sesame, and soy
House Smoked Speck from Organic Pork 
with butter and farmer bread 
Gently cooked deer shoulder
with red cabbage, grapes, and chestnuts 

Homemade Pasta
with deer ‘Bolognese’ , wild cranberries, and Parmesan 



Boiled Organic Pinzgau Beef 
with roasted potatoes, root vegetables, and horseradish sauce 


Char from Leoganger 
with roasted pepper risotto

Woodruff Creme Brûlée
with quince sorbet