4- Gänge Menü 52,00€

Pickled and smoked salmon trout (11,50€)
with tomatoes, pine, and cream 


Potato Porcini Dumpling (12,50€)
with apricot kraut


Roasted Beef Shoulder  (24,50€)
with green asparagus and mashed potatoes


Elderflower blossoms  (9,50€)
with strawberry and sour cream ice cream

House bread with butter and homemade Speck      €7,50

Porcini soup with wild cranberries and croutons   €6,50
Beef carpaccio
with pickled chanterelles, roasted tomatoes, and  parsley mayonnaise
Cream veal innards
with bread dumplings and chives

small €13,50

large €17,50

Ramson ravioli
with green asparagus and apricot 


small €12,50

large €17,00

Beef filet tips
with Porcini cream, Spätzle, and wild cranberry
Leoganger Char
with wild garlic risotto 
Organic boneless chicken legs
with white asparagus and potatoes


Veal liver
with parsley puree, vinegar cherries, and celeriac 




with milk ice cream and wild cranberries